Jack Abramoff Speaks Out

Jack Abramoff Speaks Out

In It To Win: The Jack Abramoff Story

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Jack Abramoff Speaks at USF

Jack Abramoff is America’s most famous lobbyist, and was the central figure in the biggest political lobbying scandal in history. Having served his time and paid a high price for this notoriety, Abramoff has spent almost a decade speaking about how destructive lobbying practices are not only illegal and unethical, but also corrosive to democracy in America.

Jack Abramoff: An Insider’s View on Corruption

Former Lobbyist Jack Abramoff gives an insider’s perspective on how money corrupts the system.

Jack Abramoff: NCSL Legislative Summit 2012

Term limits, no revolving door, no gifts. These are among reforms to the federal system touted by America’s best-known lobbyist, Jack Abramoff. Abramoff defended his ideas in front of a panel of experienced legislators who discussed ethics reforms in their states and challenged Abramoff on what makes sense.

Jack Abramoff: The lobbyist’s playbook

Former lobbyist Jack Abramoff explains how he was able to asserted his influence in Congress for years, and how such influence continues today. Lesley Stahl reports.

Abramoff discuss the lobbying system on 60 Minutes

Once Jack Abramoff decided to champion the cause of lobbying reform, he was able to craft specific solutions to the corruption that plagues Washington.

Lobbyists Feeling the Pinch

Former Lobbyist Jack Abramoff argues funds are dwindling for political influence and the industry is having less impact in D.C.