Jack Abramoff is an experienced professional speaker who has spoken at events around the world since 2001.

Jack Abramoff Speech Topics

How Lobbyists Shape Your Industry: Everything Your Company Needs to Know — and Probably Doesn’t Know — About the Influential World of Lobbying Former super lobbyist Jack Abramoff possesses an unfiltered view of corporate dealings in Washington, and, in his corporate talks, he shares cautionary tales, best practices, and big picture insight that will benefit almost any corporation. With unparalleled insight, Abramoff can help your company or industry avoid lobbying traps, such as letting the system — unwittingly — undo your best efforts. What do you need to know about how lobbying really works? And, specifically, how it works in your industry? What are your competitors doing? How can you participate in lobbying efforts that are fair and efficient? With stirring detail and an eye toward your bottom line, Abramoff takes you to the high-stakes intersection where business meets politics. This is an eye-opening and absolutely necessary talk. Can Washington Be Fixed? The Ultimate Insider Shows Us Why the System’s Broken, and How to Reform It. No one can speak about the corruption in Washington to the extent that Jack Abramoff can, especially with such striking clarity and purpose. The former lobbyist disentangles the (intentionally) complex process of lobbying, and he conveys, better than anyone else, the enormous degree to which it impacts our economy, our democracy, and — most importantly — the everyday choices we make. You’ll be shocked, maybe even angered. But you’ll walk away with a nuanced understanding of how widespread the corruption is, how deep the money flows, why the public good is rarely on the agenda, and how we might attain transparency among our leaders. With verve and authority, Abramoff makes a powerful and practically-minded case for how to bring about urgently-needed change to the world of lobbying — and to government itself.

Areas covered include:

  • The Secrets of Power
  • A Congress for Sale
  • Is Ethical Lobbying Possible?
  • Can Washington Be Fixed?
  • Overcoming Collapse