Don’t Carry Me Back to This Virginny

Don’t Carry Me Back to This Virginny

The Democratic Party of Virginia is starting to resemble a minstrel show. For those born after the presidency of William Howard Taft, minstrel shows

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The Democratic Party of Virginia is starting to resemble a minstrel show.

For those born after the presidency of William Howard Taft, minstrel shows were abhorrent spectacles featuring white entertainers in blackface.

These scurrilous performances died out while the “Big Lub” was Commander-In-Chief, but Old Dominion Democrats seem intent on raising that ugly curtain once again. But that’s not all.

This week, the national Democrats had a field trip to the seventh circle of Dante’s Inferno.

One of their darling socialists, Fauxcahontas Elizabeth Warren, infamously 1/1024th Native American, reignited the eternal conflagration consuming her candidacy for president by publicly apologizing for claiming heritage in the Cherokee Nation.

But her highlight reel also included the revelation of her fraudulent 1986 registration card for the Texas Bar, where she penned her race as “American Indian.”  I guess she needs a different kind of bar at this point?

On the other side of Capitol Hill, Democrat women garbed themselves in all white to show resistance to President Trump’s State of the Union address, prompting a torrent of internet memes comparing them to residents of a mental institution.  They may not be far off, considering how Congress operates.  The ridicule of these garments reached a fevered pitch after the President presented what is being touted by almost three-quarters of the nation as a landmark State of the Union address.

The masterfully crafted and delivered oration brought the Congress to their feet with thunderous applause almost every few seconds, leaving hapless Democrats having to choose between cheering for a great economy and a myriad of other accomplishments, or sitting on their hands looking like some real estate developer and reality host just bested them again at the profession to which they had dedicated their lives.

Not a great week for the party of Roosevelt, Truman, Kennedy and Ocasio-Cortez.  But, for all the hijinks on the Hill, it’s still hard to imagine what is going on just south of the nation’s capital, in Virginia, where male Democratic politicians also had a problem with white outfits.

Governor Ralph Northam probably won’t be getting the National Urban League award for best yearbook page, but his 1984 Eastern Virginia Medical School annual became the most interesting medical publication since Dr. Victor Frankenstein’s notes.

Faced with a bizarre buddy photo, showing a hooded Klansman and a horrific character wearing blackface, Northam’s political career hung by a thread.  In a press conference performance that made Richard Nixon’s “I am not a crook” oration look like the Gettysburg Address, Northam pivoted from apology to denial.  At the goading of a press corps clearly enjoying the torture session, Northam almost performed a moonwalk, saved from this further humiliation only by his wife’s warning.  Where was she in 1984 when he needed her?

The good news for Northam is he’s not alone.  Seems his Lieutenant Governor Justin Fairfax hates being upstaged.  His introduction to the national scene was to join a long line of “me too” political predators, as he was accused of sexual assault.  Wonder what that buddy photo will look like?

Not to be outdone by his immediate superiors, Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring, the state’s third ranking politician and its highest ranking law enforcement officer, threw his hood into the ring.  Perhaps hoping that the news from the governor’s mansion would drown out his own minstrel performance, Herring admitted that he too used to don blackface.

It’s a Democrat thing.  We wouldn’t understand.

The nation stands stunned at these revelations, wondering how many other Democrat officeholders will be outed as closet and not-so-closet racists.

Perhaps a more important question is how those who purport to advocate for racial justice will react to these revelations.  For fifteen years, the NAACP boycotted the State of South Carolina because they would not remove the Confederate flag from their capital.  That civil rights organization even boycotted North Carolina because that state insisted grown men couldn’t enter girls’ bathrooms.

Will they now boycott the Commonwealth of Virginia until the people of that state run all racists out of public office?  Will they publicly apologize for their role in the hypocritical and fraudulent campaign that elected racist Ralph Northam to the governorship, while claiming his opponent was the actual racist?

I doubt it.