Arabs Who Want Israeli Rule

Arabs Who Want Israeli Rule

“It has been said that democracy is the worst form of government except all the others that have been tried.” When former British Prime Minister, and

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“It has been said that democracy is the worst form of government except all the others that have been tried.”

When former British Prime Minister, and global sage, Winston Churchill spoke these prescient words over sixty years ago in the House of Commons, he had not yet encountered the Gaza Strip, at least not its current incarnation.

The last election in Gaza was in 2006. This is not because Israel has disallowed elections. Indeed, the terrorist organization posing as a political party that runs the Gaza Strip, Hamas, is free to call elections at any time. But, the Palestinians who inhabit Gaza have not had a chance to vote on their current overseers since 2006. That’s eight years. Can Americans even imagine not having a single election for eight years?

Actually, compared to the rest of the Arab world, Gaza is a veritable democratic bastion. Many of the dictatorships that hold Arabs hostage have not had free elections ever.

This is not to say that the voting in Gaza was by any means free. If it was free, then, frankly, Churchill was very wrong, because in this case, democracy elected a terrorist dictator responsible for the deaths of thousands of Gazans and the impoverishment of all of them – except for the Hamas kleptocrats. That can’t be a manifestation of the best form of government.

In 2006, Gazans elected a legislative council with 132 members. Of those seats, Hamas gained 74, or over 56%. Fatah, the terror group formerly known as the PLO, that rules the Palestinian kleptocracy in the territories called the “West Bank,” received almost 35% of the vote, and their more radical compatriots – is this possible? –the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, not as popular as the others, garnered less than 3% of the vote.

There were no moderates in the election, at least none that would admit it. The voting majority enabled Hamas – who risibly ran as the party of “Change and Reform” – to take over the government in Gaza and set off on a terror spree culminating in their ill-fated war with Israel earlier this year.

The few Palestinians able to escape the churlish Hamas empire insist that Palestinians are enslaved to Hamas more than they ever were to Israel. But these escapees, including the son of Hamas’s chief, speak furtively and nervously. Why? Because Hamas does not have the most tolerant policy toward dissent. Hey, liberal American college student defenders of these butchers, keep that in mind if you decide to visit your pet territory.

After the Gazan war, the pliant media were reporting Palestinian support for Hamas at an all-time high. Rather than support the people who ensured the death of their children and destruction of their homes, one would think it more likely that Gazans would have taken out the knives they reserve for their wife and daughters who have the misfortune to be raped, and use them instead on the monsters who have made their lives a misery.

How could one gauge the actual support that Hamas might have among the Gazans, or that Fatah might have among the Arabs living in Judea and Samaria?

One good indication would be an opinion poll conducted among Israeli Arabs. Sunday, one of those polls was published and it demonstrates what Arabs really think, given a chance to voice their opinion without having to fear death and dismemberment.

Channel 10 in Israel published this week the poll conducted by the Statnet research institute that asked a very simple question, among others in the survey: Under which government would you prefer to live? Israeli or Palestinian.

A full 77% of the respondents replied that they preferred living under an Israeli government, rather than under a Palestinian one.

That is a stunning repudiation of the Palestinian brigands by Arabs living in Israel, yet to date, not one major media outlet has reported this poll.

Indeed, the poll’s credibility was enhanced with responses to other questions. Arabs polled by Statnet were opposed to Israel on my many fronts, including 84% indicating they felt the Israelis were trying to harm the status quo on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, the purported cause of recent violence in Israel.

The participants in the poll were not under duress, or threat to their life, limb or property. That over three quarters of Arabs living in Israel would favor Israeli rule over Arab rule shows that, were it possible to conduct truly free elections in Gaza and the other territories, it’s very possible that the inhabitants would vote for Israeli rule. And why not?

The Arabs living in Israel have the highest standard of living and the most freedom of any Arabs in the Middle East. They do not live in fear of murderous neighbors coming to their home to lynch them for alleged apostasy against radical Islamic strains, or coming to stone their daughter if she was gang raped.

Unlike the Arabs living in Israel, the world is full of idiots attacking and condemning Israel, while praising the terror masters of Hamas and Fatah. American campuses are rife with morons demanding a boycott of Israeli companies, and parroting the Hamas line against Israel. They are obviously too dense to realize that, were they living in Gaza, their rights to protest would be met with slaughter.

Pro-Israel activists in America cannot fathom the depths of the mental illness gripping kids on college campuses, and why they would be taken in by the Hamas propaganda con game. It is part of the suicidal sickness of the West that too many of our gullible and guilt-ridden citizens are willing to sacrifice our freedom and future on the altar of murderous savages.

One thing seems clear, though: the people forced to live in the midst of Islamist tyranny want no part of it. Given the chance, they would happily hand over their futures to Israelis who are committed more than any one on earth to democracy and human rights. They get it. It’s just our knuckleheads who don’t.

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