Down Goes Hagel

Down Goes Hagel

Hey, Chuck! You just got chucked. Don’t feel bad. It was only a matter of time before they were done with you. The only surprising thing is that you

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Hey, Chuck! You just got chucked.

Don’t feel bad. It was only a matter of time before they were done with you. The only surprising thing is that you could spend years in Washington and not see this one coming from a mile away. But, then again, that’s what made you so appealing to the Obama administration. You were perfectly out of your league for them.

The commander in chief wants someone at Defense more to his liking, though it’s hard to imagine someone he should like more than you. Under your stewardship, the evil empire – that’s us in Obama-speak – has suffered some pretty serious setbacks.

Previous administrations had their crisis teams focus on the manageable number of hotspots requiring US attention across the globe. Even in Soviet days, these were fairly limited, as America’s projection of power kept most simmering pots at a very low boil. With Barack Obama, however, the kitchen heated up considerably, mainly because America started projecting weakness.

Weakness in foreign policy breeds crises. And crises seem to be the only product of these past six years. The marquee flops by this inexperienced cabal include mismanaging our dealings with a resurgent Russia, our approach toward a more vibrant China, and virtually everything in the Middle East. Plus, at a time when American leadership is needed in Europe, South America and Africa, we are absent without leave.

Russia is led by one of the most dangerous strongmen since Stalin, but the Obama team – aided and abetted by good ‘ole Chuck – has been living in another era, or on another planet. Let’s call it Planet Reset Button. The calamity in Ukraine could ignite a world war, engulfing, at a minimum much of Europe. America is absent, ignored and irrelevant.

When Obama’s dynamic duo – SecState Kerry and SecDef Hagel – land overseas to project American views, they seem more like a pathetic Vaudeville act than the most powerful cabinet members of the most powerful nation on earth.

Putin is ruminating about reclaiming other pieces of the old Soviet empire – look out, Estonia! If I were anywhere on Putin’s list, I would be quaking in my boots, since the next two years are likely to be a repeat or worse of the aimless foreign policy of the United States.

If one thinks our relations with Russia are in a pickle, take a gander at China. Our dealings with the Chinese are never more dangerous than when there are no boundaries. The Chinese respect strength and force, like most nation-states, and when there are no lines, they do whatever they want.

In the past, America drew meaningful lines and enforced them. China knew that the American navy ruled the waves and was careful not to cross those lines. That’s all changed.

With the Hagel-Obama slashing of our defense budget, coming on the heels of the decimation of our navy under Clinton and, to a lesser degree, Bush, America no longer rules the waves in the Pacific. Heck, America barely makes a wave.

Consequently, the Chinese feel free to go shopping in Japanese and Filipino territorial waters. Indeed, recent revelations have exposed Chinese plans not only to rule the Pacific waves, but to take effective control of all land masses buffeted by those waves.

Furthermore, the Chinese aren’t even satisfied with the current land masses. They’re building new ones, including a massive island among the heavily disputed Spratly Island group. The Chinese know how to decide disputes. We, on the other hand, continue to be absent, ignored and irrelevant.

There may be inadequate storage capacity in my computer to properly address the Obama Administration’s Moslem world missteps. From Algeria to Iraq, from Syria to the Palestinian territories, from Iran to Libya, from Egypt to Mali, the Obama gang has reduced American power to a punch line.

Their policy can be summarized as “America: your worst friend and best enemy.” All a nation must do to find favor with the Obamans is to be a declared enemy of all things American.

Iran, the Moslem Brotherhood of Egypt, Hamas, Turkey and Qatar are only but a few of the Middle Eastern regimes that found favor at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Foggy Bottom and the Pentagon by espousing a vile hatred of America.

When the Egyptian people rose up to depose their barbaric Moslem Brotherhood rulers, where were the Obamans? They were supporting radical Islamist Moslem Brotherhood leader Mohammed Morsi, and maneuvering to get him back into power.

When the terrorist group Hamas was firing hundreds of missiles at our Israeli allies and preparing to invade that nation through terror tunnels, where were the Obamans? They were working with insane Europeans to position Israel as the aggressor and Hamas as the victim.

In the Mideast, North African and South Asia, we are absent, ignored and irrelevant.

Europe is a caldron of revolt and an incubator of anti-Semitism. Where is Obama? Where was Hagel? Perhaps White House maps don’t carry the geography of Latin America? Dictatorial regimes, all bent on supporting America’s enemies, abound.

Even in Africa, this Administration can’t quite get it right. After insisting that they were concerned with American soldiers, when recklessly yanking our troops out of Afghanistan and Iraq, Hagel and Obama send our forces into the worst hot zone on the planet – the Ebola factory of Liberia. For the real problems confronting the peoples of these regions, once again, our nation is absent, ignored and irrelevant.

Chuck Hagel, when serving in the United States Senate, caucused with the Republicans. He was disdained and lampooned as a lightweight, but at least he kept better company than when he joined the Obama ranks. When the president announced that Hagel would replace Leon Panetta as Secretary of Defense, his former Republican colleagues tried to stop the elevation of this Lilliputian legislator, but to no avail.

Hagel squeaked through the confirmation process based on the clubby atmosphere of the world’s self-described greatest deliberative body and some slick moves by Harry Reid and New York Senator Chuck Schumer. For almost 20 months, Hagel has served the president with obsequious fealty. Then he started to wonder aloud whether the ship of state was listing, and, having outlasted his useful idiot role, down went Hagel.

Out of his league. Over his head. Never able to do the job. These are the slurs being hurled at Hagel by the Obama people. The rest of us are not far behind with our opprobrium, but, then again, most of us never though much of Chuck. Like the Obama nation he served, he became absent, ignored and irrelevant. Good riddance.


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