A Vote For Obama Is A Vote Denied

A Vote For Obama Is A Vote Denied

After proudly saddling our nation with the most inexperienced leader they could find, and publicly ramming through nonsensical policies that have flat

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After proudly saddling our nation with the most inexperienced leader they could find, and publicly ramming through nonsensical policies that have flattened the most robust economy on earth and eviscerated America’s reputation abroad, Democratic politicos are running for the hills.

With their erstwhile messiah’s ratings sinking faster than the Washington Redskins’ Super Bowl prospects, Democrats are smitten not with the Ebola virus, but the Obama amnesia affliction.

Michelle Nunn, the Democratic nominee for Senator in Georgia required several days to recall whether she voted for President Obama in 2012. Eventually, she was able to remember that she did. I figured she would blame some defect in the voting machine, or hanging chads.

The Democrat’s standard bearer in Kentucky, Alison Lundergan Grimes, still refuses to cop to voting for President Hopey Changey. She is so adept at bobbing and weaving around this issue that talent agents are thinking about casting her in the sequel to the female boxing flick Million Dollar Baby.

Most Democrats running for office in 2014 don’t deny voting for Barack Obama and almost none, like Ms. Grimes, have a hard time remembering he’s actually the sitting president of the United States. He was, after all, their party’s presidential nominee. And who else were these Democrats going to vote for? John McCain? Pat Paulsen?

But, while most Dems can’t quite pull off the total amnesia bit, almost all of them share another strategy for what is shaping up to be a massive Obama-rejection election.

In a famous quip, the rabbi of the fictional village of Anatevka in Fiddler on the Roof is asked by one of his congregants for a proper blessing for the Tsar. Not missing a beat, the rabbi prays “may God bless and keep the Tsar… far away from us!”

Virtually all candidates running under the Democratic banner this year also have one prayer: keep Obama far away from us! And with good reason.

The president’s approval ratings plunge with each day’s bad news. And there is nothing but bad news most days of the week. Whether it’s the threat of a fatal virus spreading across the nation, or the specter of millions of Americans losing their access to quality healthcare, thanks to Obama destroying our medical industry, Americans who cast their ballots for the president’s 2012 reelection are having serious buyer’s remorse.

Whenever we see Islamist miscreants marauding abroad and at home, we are reminded that these brigands were set loose in large part due to Obama’s obeisance and truckling fawning. Whenever we blanch at the utter disdain our allies show toward the foreign policy miscues du jour, we realize that placing an inexperienced and failed community organizer into the Oval Office was a miscalculation of epic proportions. Remember the reset button?

Whenever the nation is treated to another in the long line of utterly incompetent political appointees of this administration, we know that it is not merely the president who is in over his head, but also virtually each of his feckless advisers. Who was president the last time a group of losers like this was assembled to run a government? Millard Fillmore?

With an economy that has been anemic at best since he was first inaugurated, and millions of illegal aliens flooding the nation – and possibly carrying new diseases to plague our people – it’s a brave Democratic candidate that invites Bad News Barack to join them on the campaign trail.

Thus, the nation is faced with the prospect that a major political party begs the incumbent president from their own party to stay out of every Senate campaign in the nation. Well, almost every campaign. Gary Peters, the clueless Democrat U.S. Senate nominee in Michigan never got the memo. He actually wants President Obama to visit his state. So do the Republicans.

The last time a president elected by a comfortable margin was disinvited two years later from every important political race in the nation, Richard Nixon was the one. Now Barack Obama is the other one.

It’s actually tempting to pity the president, with his own party showing him the back of their hand. In fact, Republicans should consider conferring on the beleaguered president an honor of some kind. After all, if things continue on this path, he may be the single most important reason Republicans capture complete control of the national legislature.

If we are treated to that result in a few weeks, it may be possible to count those Democrats who admit to having voted for Obama on the fingers of one hand.

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