We Are Such Idiots

We Are Such Idiots

In case any conscious person has been flummoxed by the low popularity ratings of our government officials, news that the United States has been paying

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In case any conscious person has been flummoxed by the low popularity ratings of our government officials, news that the United States has been paying millions of dollars in social security benefits to deported Nazi murderers should clear things up nicely.

In an astonishing report, the Associated Press has chronicled payments to scores of Nazi war criminals, who entered our nation illegally and eventually falsely obtained American citizenship. Once their pasts came back to haunt them, they absconded, American taxpayer money in hand, back to the scenes of their crimes.

One such devil is Jakob Denzinger. After an early career with the Nazi death machine, Denzinger stole his way into the United States illegally, concealing his Nazi past. When justice eventually caught him, instead of stripping this pond scum of his possessions and jailing him for the rest of his misbegotten life, the American government offered him an exit visa, so he could scamper back to his Croatian homeland. There he lives on monthly payments double the average income of his Croatian compatriots.

How does this 90 year old Nazi dirtbag live so well? Herr Denzinger not only didn’t have to disgorge all his property and assets as he fled the home of the brave and land of the free, he was also granted a government stipend. We call it Social Security.

That’s right, fellow Americans. Our government has been paying out millions of dollars to Nazi war criminals from our social security funds. Why? Because our bureaucrats are lazy and stupid.

The theory reported by the Associated Press is that rather than go through the process of stripping these criminals of their citizenship and deporting them, the loutish loons running our government decided it was easier – on them! – to allot the Nazis lifetime social security payments. Can you imagine anything more insane? Keep reading.

Just to prove that the government deserves whatever opprobrium Americans hoist its way, another report trickled out from The Daily Beast that makes the Nazi welfare program look downright sensible and patriotic.

If you ask some of the brightest global studies students at our finest universities to expatiate on the conflict still simmering in Nagorno-Karabakh, you may not find too many who can accurately describe the combatants in this Azerbaijani and Armenian struggle. But, if you ask any delegate at a village idiots convention whether ISIS is the enemy of all freedom loving peoples, there is no chance that you will hear anything but an affirmative answer.

So, given ISIS is a land-based pirate ship of murderers and worse, one would think that they would be the last recipient of American foreign aid on earth, right? Wrong.

Perhaps in an effort to outdo the Nazi War Criminal Social Security Funding project being run out of our Justice Department, our State and Defense Departments are administering an even more outrageous use of our taxpayer dollars, sending the money to help the ISIS killers build their caliphate in eastern Syria. I wish I were making this up.

Food and medical equipment, funded by the U.S. Agency of International Development, have been streaming into the Islamic State and landing in the warehouses of the murderers. One shudders to think of what use they are making of our medical equipment, and we can only pray that the government buffoons sending these shipments are not including scalpels or other instruments that these hellions might use to continue their brutal and obscene decapitation campaigns.

When asked why on earth we would be sending food and medicine to these brigands, the feckless bureaucrats reply that they fear cutting off the supplies will harm innocents firmly in their grasp. Do they actually believe these Islamists are going to redistribute our gifts to the needy non-combatants sadly caught in their web? Are these public servants that terminally naïve?

Liberals wonder why Americans disdain government and its programs. They cannot fathom that anyone would not want to help those in need. But, liberals fail to understand that conservatives are not against helping those in need. They are just opposed to stupidity. It is sheer idiocy to feel you are helping someone just because you are spending taxpayer money to do it. Who is being helped by the social security payments to Nazis? Who benefits by the transfer of government food and medicinal aid to terrorists?

These are extreme examples of government aid gone wild, sure, but the undermining of our institutions starts when empty headed statists, with a burning desire to spend our money, so misuse those funds as to call the entire government monolith into question.

Who is to blame for this? Unfortunately, ultimately, the entire nation is to blame. We are to blame because we are hoodwinked into re-electing mendacious politicians who campaign as if they are going to fix these outrages, but govern like self-entitled potentates, whose only real skill is to rob industrious Americans of their hard earned money to fund a series of outrageous indulgences.

Will America wake up, finally, and remove these villains, and the party that has come to represent prolifigate government spending – the Democrats? We will find out in a very few weeks.