The Real Immigration Threat

The Real Immigration Threat

Who would have thought that the biggest immigration disaster of the Obama Administration might not be the president’s threat to grant amnesty to milli

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Who would have thought that the biggest immigration disaster of the Obama Administration might not be the president’s threat to grant amnesty to millions of illegal aliens who penetrated our borders from the south?

And who would imagine that Obama’s virtual invitation to tens of thousands of Latin American children to storm through Mexico, land in the US and instantly receive our tax dollars wouldn’t be the immigration story scaring most of the sensible citizens of this Republic?

And who could contemplate that the scores of ISIS terrorists, likely streaming through that same Mexican turnstile we call a border, wouldn’t be the immigration news terrifying our cities and towns?

All of these immigration nightmares, brought to us thanks to America’s experiment in electing an inexperienced community organizer as the most powerful man in the free world, won’t rate top billing when the story is written about the stunning failure of our government to protect us from the threat at our gates.

No, the story that we are likely to retell, assuming we are still here, is how the most feckless president since Jimmy Carter permitted thousands of West African travelers to enter our nation legally from countries smitten with the Ebola virus plague.

It is incomprehensible that the President of the United States would not bar flights and passengers from Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea, at a minimum. The Ebola virus is spreading rapidly in those nations and may soon reach a catastrophic stage that could cause the death of millions. We must be compassionate about what the poor West Africans are enduring, but we elect leaders not to be compassionate, but to be prudent. And to be engaged entirely with the survival of our nation and our people.

The Obama political experiment will be discussed for years. Why did an otherwise sapient electorate have a collective moment of stupidity – twice! – and thrust one of the most unqualified leaders in our history into the Oval Office? Students will be earning their doctoral degrees over this question for decades.

The issue that might flummox legions of these scholars will undoubtedly be Obama’s attitude toward the nation he leads. His books and speeches have often betrayed his seemingly deep seeded angst that, for far too long, Americans have arrogantly believed they were special and deserving of a better future than the teeming masses populating the third world.

If Obama feels that America has had it “too good” in the past – the ubiquitous equity argument – then perhaps his reticence to block the flow of diseased third worlders into our nation emanates from a desire to level the playing field. Why should America be safe from Ebola if others are suffering?

I can’t otherwise think of a single reason why any citizen of or visitor to Liberia, Sierra Leone or Guinea would be allowed past passport control at any of our airports. Yet, other than a cursory medical review at a few of our ports of entry, thousands of visitors from these lands are entering the United States, potentially bringing with them this plague.

Already, Thomas Eric Duncan, a Liberian traveler, brought the disease into the United States and infected at least two medical staff at a Dallas hospital, including nurse Nina Pham. Authorities are now monitoring Pham’s boyfriend and dog, but the threat does not stop there.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that they are now monitoring 125 people in the United States for this disease. Several months ago, such an admission would have been unthinkable. Many observers believe this number will soon climb into the thousands.

Each week between 3,000 and 6,000 visitors enter the United States from nations where Ebola is spreading like wildfire, according to a research collective headed by Northeastern University. They predict an exponential increase in deaths in these nations, and we are not far behind. For an American leader to turn a blind eye to this threat is virtually treasonous.

Yet, while Obama had no problem immediately blocking air travel to Israel in the midst of the terror attacks on the Jewish state by the Hamas thugs in Gaza, the President cannot seem to bring himself to block air traffic from the cauldron of disease formerly known as West Africa. How can this be?

To some observers it seems that President Obama has checked out, that he is counting the days until he can play golf year-round, with no annoying critics pillorying him about his activities. These observers also ascribe Obama’s failed policies to his inexperience and lack of quality personnel in his administration.

They are countered by the Obama enthusiasts, a group shrinking with each political belly flop of their beloved leader. Assuming they admitted there is even a problem, this group of liberals would probably chalk up Obama’s refusing to bar flights from Ebola land as some kind of crisis management strategy or goodwill gesture to Africa. Or, maybe the paperwork just got lost. Perhaps the order was in an email erased when Lois Lerner destroyed her computers at the IRS?

On the other side are those who say that Obama is actively destroying this nation and its values, and that everything he does is part of a plan to take America down a notch – or two, or thirty – to rectify historic injustices America has inflicted on the planet. They would see the refusal to bar flights as part of that plan.

I don’t think we need to ascertain the reasoning behind not shutting the nation off from potential disease carriers. We just need to demand that President Obama do so, immediately. The longer our airports remain open to germ warfare missiles in human form, the more likely it is that, like these West African nations, we will soon be unable to contain this disease.

The invasion of the United States from Mexico is something that we need to solve quickly, but the infiltration into our nation of Ebola-bearing time-bombs, landing hourly at our airports, is something we need to stop right now. It will be cold comfort to see Obama listed as America’s worst president in a few decades if many fewer Americans are around to express that sentiment.