The Louse That Roared

The Louse That Roared

One of the most popular motion pictures from the year I was born, 1959, was an adaptation of a satirical novel called The Mouse That Roared. The film

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One of the most popular motion pictures from the year I was born, 1959, was an adaptation of a satirical novel called The Mouse That Roared. The film told the unlikely story of a small European nation, threatened with economic hardship, declaring war on the United States for the sole purpose of gaining American economic aid after their assured defeat. The Duchy would then be able to rebuild its economy and live in peace.

Things didn’t quite turn out as planned in that novel and film, as the army of the Grand Duchy of Fenwick, landing their bow-and-arrow-armed troops in a New York City in the midst of a civil defense drill, found the place abandoned. They were able to secure not only the city, but also capture the “Q Bomb”, the fictional version of a nuclear weapon.

The Duchess of Grand Fenwick, played hilariously in the film by the great Peter Sellers, negotiates a peace accord demanding the destruction of the world’s nuclear arsenal. The film is a utopian comedy, with a happy ending. Too bad Oscar Wilde is not always correct that “Life imitates Art far more than Art imitates Life.”

In the real life Middle East, there is a dystopic version of the Grand Duchy of Fenwick. They’re called Hamas of Gaza. Like the Duchy, they launched a war they could not win. Their purpose was not to bring peace and economic prosperity, but rather death and destruction – both to their enemy Israel and to their own people.

Firing thousands of missiles into the Jewish State, positioning their children around the missile launchers, beheading suspected traitors in their midst, preparing for a murderous assaults through tunnels they dug using foreign aid money, planning the annihilation of every man, woman and child in the sovereign State of Israel. These are the actions of the terror state ruled by the Hamas terrorist group.

When Hamas started shooting, Israel moved to defend itself. And the so-called civilized world condemned. They didn’t condemn Hamas. They condemned Israel. That’s because the world hates Israel. That hatred shows more about the world than Israel, and speaks volumes as to why the future of freedom on this planet is so at risk. There is no nation on earth that wouldn’t have defended their territory, or far more.

Can you imagine what would have happened if Gaza bordered Russia, and Hamas had the temerity to fire missiles into their neighbor? Does any sentient observer believe for a moment that Vladimir Putin would have allowed one square inch of Gaza to remain? Russians would be buying up shore properties for homes on Lake Gaza, where the Palestinians used to exist. The same result would be delivered by the Swedes, Poles, French, Thais or any people on earth.

So, naturally, Israel fired back and eventually invaded to stop the barrage of death from the Gaza Strip. Since the terrorists placed their missile launchers in schools, mosques, hospitals and any other civilian site they could find, most of Gaza is rubble. Israel did its best to precisely target the terrorists and leave standing what they could, but Hamas continually fired from downtown Gaza City, and now it is in ruins.

Now, sitting on the heap of stones that used to be their territory, the terrorists seem to be achieving the original aim of the Grand Duchy of Fenwick. The West and some Arab nations, showing themselves to be the very fools that the novel and film Duchy targeted originally in their economic survival plan, are rushing to rebuild Gaza.

It would be a wise move for the West to use their resources in Gaza if the funds could be applied in a way to ensure that Hamas was disbanded and replaced by a benign authority dedicated to economic, social and political advancement of their people.

It would be a wise move even if the aid proffered by these nincompoops was predicated on disarming the terrorists of Gaza, so they couldn’t repeat this catastrophe as soon as they have deluded themselves into thinking they were strong enough to take down Israel.

It would be a wise move even if the West demanded that the Gazans not divert the aid to rebuilding their attack tunnels, designed to infiltrate armed terrorists into the bedrooms of sleeping children just over the border.

But none of this wisdom made it into the process. Instead, a bevy of guilt-ridden Western and Arab idiots are getting ready to send their citizens’ funds to a group of brigands who have not only not apologized for bringing death and destruction to their own people, but have been steadfastly bleating and tweeting that they actually won this war, and look forward to the day when they can soon repeat it!

For America, all of this would be merely an ironic, inverse version of the iconic novel and film about the Grand Duchy’s invasion of the U.S. were it not for the fact that one of the benefactors of the terror regime’s rearming will be none other than the United States. Incredibly, the sitting Secretary of State, John Kerry, at a conference to rebuild Gaza in Egypt last week, pledged $212 million of our dollars for these thugs, averring that these creatures “need our help desperately – not tomorrow, not next week, but they need it now.”

Does it not occur to the most intellectually challenged Secretary of State, since Clinton foisted party mistress Madeleine Albright into the role, that $212 million would be better spent securing our border with Mexico? How about protecting us from Ebola or other diseases, such as the Enterovirus D68 now spreading throughout our nation? How about using the funds to ensure our veterans don’t die waiting for treatment at the VA? How about giving it back to the people you stole it from – US taxpayers? How about throwing it into the sea? All would be better than giving it to the terrorists of Gaza.

But, unfortunately, we have an administration that might as well be living in a utopian movie. A debate rages as to whether they are just naïve and foolish, or whether they are not really that dumb, just dedicated to bringing an end to the West in general, and the United States in particular.

I will give them benefit of the doubt that they are just fools, but must we really have our government run by fools? I guess the answer is yes, for now, since these folks were elected twice by an American people that finally has severe buyer’s remorse.

The clock is ticking on the Obama Administration, but the last two years promise to be the most dangerous and costly to our Republic. Let’s just hope that the rest of the Islamic terror world doesn’t figure out the Mouse That Roared plan, as Hamas has. Otherwise, we may soon be funding the Grand Duchy of ISIS in their rebuilding campaign as well!