Puss ‘n Boots On the Ground

Puss ‘n Boots On the Ground

Mr. President, will you just please kill these people already? That’s not the most polite question I’ve ever composed, but it sure sums up what many

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Mr. President, will you just please kill these people already?

That’s not the most polite question I’ve ever composed, but it sure sums up what many – if not most – Americans are wondering.

Why on earth doesn’t our Commander in Chief order the armed forces that we pay to clear out the Levant of the thugs who are trying to kill us? Must we really rely on a series of lucky strokes to stop the Islamist terror group du jour from murdering our citizens in the air, on the land or on the sea? Truly?

We know where these folks live. We hear the drumbeat of threats they issue daily. We see them slicing off the heads of those unfortunate Westerners they are able to kidnap. Why not just send in our special forces and be done with this?

We are told that the American people won’t stand for another war in the Mideast. Is that really the case? Recently I had an opportunity to get together with one of my friends who is a very liberal activist. It was affirming to hear him say that the last beheading drove him to want to volunteer to get over there and kill these villains.

We have spent fortunes on building the greatest fighting machine on earth. The men and women of our armed forces are itching to get the job done. They are not quiche-eating liberals, concerned with America’s image at a United Nations cocktail party. They are patriots who volunteered their lives to preserve our liberty. Is there a better mission for them than suiting up and wiping out these Islamist nutballs? Heck, the Islamists have a death wish of virgins and other fantasies. Let’s do them a favor and usher them into the next world.

Instead of directing our forces to get the job done, our “leaders” are subjecting us to an endless morality play about not putting “boots on the ground.” Like all liberal dogma, the notion that our nation should never send our military to war to serve our interests is ridiculous. Can you imagine FDR and Eisenhower, while planning the D-Day invasion of Europe, discussing not putting boots on the ground? It’s embarrassing even to ask that question.

Some conservatives seem to agree that our armed forces should not to be deployed to obliterate Islamist brigands. Even those who want to destroy ISIS and their ilk hesitate because of the supposed political risks of sending our men and women to do the job.

Bill O’Reilly’s solution for our ISIS crisis is to enlist a mercenary army to fight the latest Islamist threat. O’Reilly, an otherwise brave patriot, has been cowed into thinking that the introduction of American ground forces into another Middle Eastern conflict is a non-starter. He wants to go to the free market to solve the problem.

You won’t hear me say this often, but this is not a situation where a free market solution makes sense. One of the legitimate functions of the federal government is the defense of our nation. We have spent trillions of our hard earned dollars on building a force that can get the job done. Why in the world don’t we put it to work?

Why? Because America decided to elect a feckless, inexperienced, distracted President of the United States. Twice. Knowing that Obama was far out of his depth on matters of foreign policy – and domestic policy, but that’s another discussion – Americans gave him a second term in office. Now, even the most liberal among us questions the ballot box decision that too many of our citizens made in 2008 and 2012.

The problem is that Obama is the one making the decisions now. Instead of having Give ‘Em Hell Harry Truman or Gipper Ronald Reagan make the decisions about when to use our armed forces, we have a president who has little regard for his professional military advisers. How else can we explain the public second-guessing of even the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff?

President Obama seems incapable of exhibiting the kind of bold leadership required of a commander in chief when an enemy threatens. He is more concerned about boots on the ground than the boot moving toward our throat.

Mr. President, the time has come to act. You need to rise up and kill them before they kill us. The latest Islamist iteration, Khorasan Group, is working to blow up one of our planes! Pinprick strikes from the air are great, but not enough. Time for boots on the ground. We have the best special forces in the world. Use them. Please.