Obama Ain’t no General Maximus Decimus Meridius

Obama Ain’t no General Maximus Decimus Meridius

The Obama Administration is incapable of leading a boy scout troop, let alone a nation. We continue to hope beyond hope that there is some grand schem

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The Obama Administration is incapable of leading a boy scout troop, let alone a nation. We continue to hope beyond hope that there is some grand scheme they are hatching at the White House to save the day, that their Machiavellian campaign skills will come to play in their foreign policy maneuvers. But, each day is worse than the last.

The latest in a series of recent missteps would be better fodder for the sitcom Veep than our news reports. Obama’s Secretary of State, John Kerry, can’t seem to figure out whether America is at war with the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq, otherwise known as ISIS.

Depending on the hour, and who has the microphone, the Obamans posit that we are at war, or we are in conflict, or we’re just really mad, or that we might not invite ISIS to the White House Christmas party. What a bunch of clowns. This is the slapstick we expect in the first few days of a new Administration, not in their sixth year of power.

If the world had even a smidgen of respect left for Obama and our nation, this would be highly embarrassing. But we passed that point months ago. We are the risible superpower with a clueless leader, guided by what must be the most feckless group of presidential advisors since James Buchanan graced the Oval Office.

The question at bar is whether we are at war with ISIS. Frankly, that is irrelevant, because the West long ago lost the ability to fight wars. There is a very simple reason why we have not won a war since World War II. It is because we fight wars as if we are ball room dancing. We are a flurry of activity, but are careful not to bump into anyone, lest the jury of world opinion deduct points from our performance.

In the bad old days, if you attacked the United States or any Western nation, you, your cities, your elderly, your women, your kids and even your pets were going to feel the brunt of our counterattack. When the Japanese attacked America during World War II, there was not only no expectation that we would play by the Marquis of Queensbury’s rules, but our foes knew we were coming to kill everything they held of value – until they surrendered. And that surrender was unconditional and complete.

Since WWII, we don’t engage in warfare. We engage in a series of sniping drills. We hold the lives of our enemy’s citizens as sacred as those of our troops. We go out of our way to ensure that none of their families are harmed. We put our own troops at risk while we position for the precise shot to kill just the combatant bearing the gun, missile or bomb.

While we take every measure to protect the non-combatants among our foes, our enemies target first our innocent civilians. So, instead of delivering devastation to our adversaries, forcing them to choose between the deaths of their families and their continued targeting of ours, our very kindness prolongs all our wars and ensures we never are able to win.

This is not something new with Obama. Ever since the media became part of the battlefield, and the ugly business of winning a war was broadcast into our living rooms, our ability to fight evil has been diminished. I realize that the reaction to these words will be harsh, as I am advocating abandoning what has become the West’s ethical stance of war. I apologize to all those I offend, but the time has come for us to start fighting the way humanity has fought its wars since time immemorial, and the way our enemies still fight and win.

It is not moral to allow evil murderers refuge behind their women and children. If they don’t value the lives of those they have married and borne, and if they plan to use them as weapons to aid their campaign to murder our innocents, I am sorry, but that is a choice they made, not us.

Even further, if the forces of evil go to war with us – and make no mistake about it, we are the force of good in this world – then everyone and everything in their territory is a target. There is no collateral damage. They have to know that, if they attack us, we will wipe them and all they have off the face of the earth.

This is not a comfortable thought to many liberals in our nation, but it is precisely that muddled and misplaced morality that our enemies’ loved ones are off limits that causes these villains to attack us. There may be millions of suicide killers among them, but when faced with their own children and parents being eviscerated by our counter attack, how many of these crazies will enthusiastically attack? Far fewer than currently, and that’s what matters in war.

Recent history is replete with examples of whole cities being destroyed by attacking forces. All sides in every pre-Vietnam War conflict were guilty of destruction of innocent lives. It should pain us and cause eternal nightmares, but the fact is that many if not most enemies can only be stopped by overwhelming calamity, and it is the job of our leaders to deliver that calamity – in order to protect us. That is why they serve. To protect us, not our enemies.

Obama needs to channel General Maximus Decimus Meridius and command our forces to unleash hell on our enemies. First up is ISIS. Al Queda and Iran are likely not far behind. We need to unleash hell, without regard to their kinfolk. We also need to unshackle our allies, such as Israel, to do the same.

The time has come for the West to rise once again and put an end to this nascent Islamist killing machine and to restore peace and order in the world. Short of this, expect ISIS and the other Islamist terrorists to continue their march to Caliphate. How will the liberals feel about having played by the Marquis of Queensbury’s rules when the world is cast into the dark abyss of tyranny – assuming they are alive to feel anything?

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