Stockholm Syndrome on Stage

Stockholm Syndrome on Stage

For most of us, it is hard to understand the psychological disorder called Stockholm Syndrome. In brief, it is the mania where the abused identifies w

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For most of us, it is hard to understand the psychological disorder called Stockholm Syndrome. In brief, it is the mania where the abused identifies with the abuser. It is a sad and bizarre illness, particularly since those not afflicted usually hold the abuser in contempt. Seeing the main victim defend his tormentor just does not compute.

For conservatives, President Obama’s obsequious apology tour at the outset of his administration reeks of Stockholm Syndrome – assuming one rejects the theory that Obama is so hostile to America and our values that he should be counted among its enemies.

With the presumption that Obama is merely a conflicted liberal, whose guilt about America’s leadership role in the world impedes his ability to proclaim its exceptionalism or even its goodness, one can draw the conclusion that he suffers from the Syndrome. Ultimately, defending the enemy’s motivations and rights, let alone supplicating and apologizing to them, is not the usual act of an American President. But, these are not usual times.

These days, defending the enemy is all the rage. The more an enemy is dedicated to your utter destruction, the greater the urge, for some, to defend and identify with them. Nowhere is this behavior more odious and pathetic than with the young Jewish leftists who bleat their fealty to the Palestinian terrorists dedicated to their liquidation.

Just so we are clear, almost every action and pronouncement from Palestinians involves killing Jews. The “moderates” among the Palestinians used to be called the Palestinian Liberation Organization, or the PLO. This band of thugs spent decades murdering innocent people, including heaving young children from the windows of a schoolhouse they invaded in the 1970’s.

After slaughtering Olympic athletes and strapping bombs to their own children to slay as many innocent civilians as possible, their group morphed into the Palestinian Authority, the brigand government whose main function seems to be accepting western aid and Iranian weapons. This cabal is headed by Mohammed Abbas, whose college thesis tried to prove that the Holocaust didn’t happen. If he were an American politician, he would have been sent to a mental institution long ago. Abbas continually pledges, in Arabic, the destruction of the Zionist entity. That’s Israel, of course. And he’s the “moderate.”

The radicals are called Hamas. They are the actual rulers of the Palestinian lands, at least for now. Several months ago they concluded a partnership with the Palestinian Authority and its political arm Fatah. In that world, the crazier partner usually runs the store.

There has been much ink spilled over Hamas lately. Their recent assault on Israel seemed foolhardy to the west, as Israel was the far superior military force. When Hamas launched thousands of missiles at the Jewish state, they were disabled by the high tech Iron Dome system, developed by Israeli scientists. Then Israel invaded to root out the missile launchers and terror tunnels designed to infiltrate hundreds of murderers into Israeli lands.

In truth, however, the Hamas attacks were only foolhardy to westerners. To these Palestinian terrorists and their despicable allies throughout the Muslim world, their attacks were a huge success. Hamas attempted to kill Jewish children and adults with their missiles, and got Israel to kill their children and adults in response by burying their missile sites in schools and other venues frequented by the innocent.

Hamas knew that, if they could get the Israelis to kill some Palestinian kids, the dupes in the western world would turn on Israel. And they knew that the moron parade admonishing Israel for firing back at the places where the terrorists were launching missiles and hiding kids would be led by a few knuckleheaded Jews.

There is a Secret War happening right now… The target? Your privacy!
Thanks to the internet, we are all now plagued with the visages of these Stockholm Syndrome Jews, who support the terror war that aims to obliterate the Jewish people and the state of Israel. It is hardly necessary to point out that the Hamas charter calls for murdering Jews throughout the world, not just in Israel.

Barnaby Raine is a frail 19 year old Jewish bobble head from the United Kingdom. In Europe, recent mass rallies condemn Israel and laud Hamas killers. Usually, these rallies and marches are chock full of terrorist wannabes and pernicious Arabs screaming for Jewish blood. For a Jew to wander into this throng would mean sure death, unless that Jew is as hateful of Israel as the rest of the marauders. If he weren’t willing to cast his own people into the furnace, poor little Barnaby would likely be hung in effigy by this rabble. But, Barnaby didn’t disappoint them.

Screeching into the microphone, Master Raine channeled some of the finest anti-Semites in European history. Quick quiz: who called for disarming Jews and boycotting their businesses? Hitler? Goebbels? Yes. Raine? Absolutely.

“Stop arming Israel!” the young Barnaby chortled, even as he tried to impress the crowd with references to his great grandparents who were apparently murdered by the Hamas progenitors, the Nazis. They smiled, probably wondering how this one got away.

“Sanctions on Israel!” cried the emotional Master Raine. The crowd of thugs were ecstatic. How grand it is to have one of the hated Jews call for their own demise. As Barnaby reached his crescendo, he hailed “We are all Palestinians!”

Watching this show, rational people must resist hating this young man. He is delusional, clearly in the grip of extreme Stockholm Syndrome. We must weep for him, and for a western world that has in its midst deranged youth such as these, who vindicate and support those who wish to destroy all of that world.