Bad Borders, Bad Neighbors

Bad Borders, Bad Neighbors

Good fences make good neighbors. Bad fences make chaos. Israel and the United States have a lot of good things in common, including democratic govern

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Good fences make good neighbors. Bad fences make chaos.

Israel and the United States have a lot of good things in common, including democratic governance and leading the world in the technology and innovation. They also have something really bad in common: a border problem.

America’s border problem is a lure for millions of Latin American citizens to enter the United States illegally. Plagued by poverty and corruption rampant south of our border, one can hardly blame them. In fact, in a way, their desire to wind up in the USA is almost a backhanded compliment. The truth is, however, that our border problem will quickly spell the end of our republic, if not solved.

Thanks to feckless politicians giving the green light, a surge of historic proportions strains our national border. The media, playing on America’s compassion, highlights the innocent children being hauled to the border by iniquitous parents and criminal coyote networks of smugglers. They know that America is not going to shoot children surging over the border. Actually, America is not going to shoot anyone coming over our border. You have a far better chance of receiving a government grant than a bullet for invading America from the south.

That there are other nationalities mixed in with this throng never seems to attract the interest of our media. Reports of West Africans slipping past the McAllen, Texas border crossing should bring a measure of panic to America. First, why are West Africans attempting to enter the United States circuitously through Mexico at all? Second, is anyone testing these invaders for the ebola virus or other diseases? Even if they did, would it matter? Scores of child invaders from Mexico are carrying virulent infections. Is that stopping anyone from crossing?

West Africans are not the only non-Latinos crossing the porous U.S. border with Mexico. Arab and South Asian males are also invading through our back door. Is there a doubt that terrorists are among them?

Even before the recent bambino assault on our Southern Border, the smuggler networks from Mexico had permeated our defenses in ways that should shock every American citizen.

A flow of illegal aliens, drugs, gang members, weapons and all manner of illicit flotsam and jetsam has been entering our country for years. How? Through a labyrinthine system of tunnels barreling north from Mexico into our sovereign territory. These tunnels are no secret, and are even a plot element in some of our more popular television shows, such as The Bridge. Yet our politicians do little or nothing to stop this.

America stations tens of thousands of troops to protect allies abroad. How many troops do we station on our border? We spend billions of dollars on development and infrastructure projects all over the world. How much do we spend on fortifying our border to seal our nation from infiltration?

The truth is that Washington is full of politicians who are too weak and spineless to do what is needed to protect our national borders, but the real blame rests with the American people who return these miscreants to power every two years.

Our Israeli allies also have a border problem. For Israel, the border crisis used to be the demarcation line between the Jewish state and their sovereign Arab neighbors. In 1948, 1967 and 1973, those neighbors launched terrifying assaults over those borders, only to be beaten back by Israeli forces with increasing prejudice. In fact, the 1973 Yom Kippur War backfired so badly on the invading Syrian and Egyptian armies that Israeli troops were soon in the suburbs of Damascus and Cairo.

The Nixon Administration – responsible for Israel’s survival after the Arab surprise attack that almost destroyed them – convinced the surging Israelis to pull back. The result included a peace treaty with Egypt and relative calm from a Syrian regime that realizes border incursions might spell their doom.

Today, Israel still has a border problem. The war in Gaza, temporarily on hold, is all about the violation of borders – in this case in the air and under the ground.

The ultimate bad neighbors are the terrorist group Hamas, democratically elected by Palestinians living in Gaza. Hamas has spent the last nine years building in Gaza. The problem is that they weren’t building roads, hospitals, office buildings, schools, housing or utilities.

They were building missile launchers and tunnels. Thousands of missiles were prepared for the recent Hamas terrorist invasion of Israel. They fired missile after missile at civilian populations in the Jewish state. But for Israel’s technological capabilities, manifested through the Iron Dome project, tens of thousands of Israeli citizens would have died from these thousands of missiles.

For the past nine years in Gaza, millions of cubic yards of concrete went not toward building a Gazan future of prosperity and peace, but rather toward planning for a massive underground invasion of Israel. Dozens of elaborate and sophisticated tunnels from deep in the Gazan territory ended in the midst of Israeli settlements and cities.

To construct these terror paths from below, the evil Hamas conscripted their citizens, including child laborers. When given a break from the Jew-killing indoctrination curricula taught in the UNRWA schools that frequently house ready-to-fire missiles, scores of Palestinian kiddies were sent on field trips to the tunnels, where their little hands were put to use digging terror tunnels.

One can only imagine the dystopian nightmares these little children have of their time digging underground, assuming they survived that ordeal. Those that did were rewarded with searing missile ignition blasts emanating from their schools and apartment buildings, or with confinement surrounding the missile sites and terror command centers soon to be destroyed by Israel, so their deaths can be used for Palestinian propaganda purposes.

Israel and America have border problems. Both involve tunnels. Both likely involve terrorists. Both destabilize and both, if unsolved, could spell the end of freedom. Both countries need to dig a big trench and use their armed forces to create a massive no-man’s buffer zone to prevent incursions across the border. Failure by politicians to act decisively would be national suicide.