House Clinton and Benghazi

House Clinton and Benghazi

My fellow conservatives are right to raise the Benghazi disgrace in the face of a predictably hostile reaction from the mainstream media and the cha

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My fellow conservatives are right to raise the Benghazi disgrace in the face of a predictably hostile reaction from the mainstream media and the chattering politicasters. Simply, it is astonishing that President Obama and his host of incompetent administration myrmidons have been allowed to remain in office without impeachment. Benghazi is, on its own, one of the most pathetic and unnerving displays of American foreign policy and security ineptitude in recent memory. But, America must not view the wretched affair in isolation. Certainly the world doesn’t.

To our allies and adversaries abroad, Benghazi sums up the bizarre and feckless Obama foreign policy, as prosecuted by the most overrated politician of the last century: Hillary Rodham Clinton.

One of the many ironies of the Benghazi affair is that Her Royal Clintoness is at the center of this controversy. In fact, it was our former Secretary of State and her minions running a master clinic in obscfucation and obstruction of justice that created the firestorm quickly descending on House Clinton. The irony stems from Hillary’s boastful claim that she began her political career pouncing on President Nixon and the Watergate cover-up. I guess she took better notes than we realized.

What should set shoulders shrugging and heads tilting, though, is how the omniscient Clinton support-world is able to blithely promote Hillary as our next president in wake of this debacle. Can anyone seriously imagine a Republican president candidate – or even a Republican candidate for dog catcher! – remaining politically viable after the murder of a US Ambassador on her watch, followed by a cynical politically motivated cover-up at her direction? Republicans are disqualified if they reach for a water bottle, so it’s almost impossible to imagine who the reaction would be to this set of facts in the Republican narrative. Only Democrats survive the vast hypocrisy of our nation’s capital.

The vile and repugnant support system for all things Clinton is relentless. And Republicans are cave-men. And I don’t mean troglodytic, in the way that the Left labels the Right. I mean that they are the best at caving under pressure, and sometimes not under pressure. At House Clinton, no one caves. Have we so soon forgotten the spectacle of a sitting President lying under oath about obscene sexual acts he conducted in the Oval Office? Did he resign? Did he shrink from the public eye in shame? Not a chance. That’s not how the Clintons play ball. Disappear in shame deep into the shadows is what Republicans do. Republicans play cricket. Clintons play Rollerball.

So, no matter how severe the beating Fox News and conservative pundits administer to Hillary and her buddies about Benghazi, don’t expect her to do the honorable thing and recede from public life. Worse, because of the flock mentality of the modern American populace, she has a solid chance to become the 45th President of the United States.

There is a Secret War happening right now… The target? Your privacy!
Rumors of Hillary’s health problems may be true – she did, after all, faint publicly twice already. But, health issues don’t matter in House Clinton. Hillary would be ancient by political standards when inaugurated in 2017, but that, too, matters little. What matters is power. Taking power. Keeping power. That’s what Clintons are all about.

They are a mix of Game of Thrones and House of Cards, for those who require a contemporary television analogy. Even more: taking power, keeping power and making the saps who enable the Clinton ascendancy believe that the Clintons don’t even want power! This false humility is a trademark of the Clinton presentation. Bill does it better than Hillary, but they both know how to push those buttons.

With the White House soon within their grasp, Hillary’s health matters not. She must merely get elected. One gets the impression that, if he must, Bill would happily perform a Weekend at Bernies scenario and wheel Hillary from event to event.

Benghazi? It’s not even water off a Clinton duck’s back. They’ve survived scandals that have sunk political fleets. They know that the American people have time and again permitted the Left to get away with foreign policy malpractice, dressed up as steady competence. They know that, no matter whom the Republicans nominate, Clinton media allies – that is, the entire mainstream media – will reconstitute them to be a cross between Charles Manson and Attila the Hun.

Yes, let’s pound Hillary on Benghazi. Yes, let’s use it to expose yet another in the myriad of Obama foreign policy failures. Yes, let’s try to shame the Democrats out of this reflex hostility against normal investigation of the actions of the Obama politicos who mismanage our international affairs. But, let’s not kid ourselves into thinking that this might be the end of HRC.

Like a nightmarish version of whack-a-mole, Hillary will be popping up again moments later as if nothing ever happened. House Clinton is counting on us giving up and acquiescing to their rise to power. Sadly, to our great shame, their confidence is not misplaced. Let’s prove them wrong. Please!