Harry Reid Strikes Again

Harry Reid Strikes Again

Yippee! Liberals throughout the nation are celebrating today. Their daily national newsletter, otherwise known as The Washington Post, proudly announ

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Liberals throughout the nation are celebrating today. Their daily national newsletter, otherwise known as The Washington Post, proudly announced this morning that things are looking up for the Democrats’ quest to retain control of the United States Senate in this year’s election. The Post’s sagacious political forecasting model had, until today, predicted an 82% chance that the Republicans would seize control of that august legislative body. Thanks to a Democratic surge – a turn-around, by golly! – the Republicans now only have a 77% chance to take over. Wahoo!

Dear Liberals: please get a grip. A 77% chance of losing the Senate is not a good thing. For you, that is. It means your candidates are likely to be wiped out in November, unless an asteroid wipes us all out first, or some new Bond-like weapon fries the brains of the millions of Americans who have had enough of the party of the donkey.

If the Democrats’ fortunes do not reverse, the rest of us will get a substantial bonus: we won’t have to endure the daily exploits of their senate leader, Harry Reid. Now, that’s a reason to cheer.

The people of Nevada must be angry that the rest of the nation refuses to legalize prostitution, or something, since they continually re-elect Dirty Harry and foist him on the rest of us. If they only had the good sense to have put in place any one of the myriad of challengers who tried to defeat the most corrupt man in the U.S. Senate, we would all be spared the outrages he provokes. This politician – who isn’t qualified to run a gas station – has imperiously ruled over Capitol Hill for far too long. Since Nevada won’t do anything about it, with the grace of the Almighty, perhaps the rest of the nation will rise up together and kick the bum out.

Reid’s latest outrage is his shameless and almost comical attempt to use the firing of Jill Abramson from her perch running the New York Times -Democratic Party newsletter, New York version – to push his mendacious “pay equity” legislation.

There is a Secret War happening right now… The target? Your privacy!
Abramson and her former publication have apparently been having a row for quite some time. Her colleagues describe her as a fairly typical media celebrity: gruff with her associates, dismissive of her underlings – which, to her, is everyone – and very impressed with her own credentials. Upon being terminated, she announced that the paper had let her go because she had the temerity to demand equal pay for equal work. While it is hardly a stretch to imagine that the New York Times, like so many other hypocritical liberal bastions, including the Obama White House, is paying their female employees less than their male employees, according to knowledgeable sources, pay inequity was hardly the reason Ms. Abramson got the boot.

The media reporter from New Yorker magazine tasked with following this liberal dust-up, Ken Auletta, reports that Ms. Abramson’s inability to get along with co-workers, and her bosses, was the primary reason she was terminated.

So, why would Harry Reid jump into this? If Rupert Murdock were to fire Roger Ailes, creator of Fox News, and Ailes would claim that Murdock hated conservatives, does anything think we’d see Ted Cruz or Mitch McConnell take to the floor of the Senate to use the brouhaha to push for tax cuts? Of course not. That is strategically imbecilic, as well as beneath the dignity of the Senate.

But, for Dirty Harry, “beneath the dignity of the Senate” is standard operating procedure. Almost everything he does is beneath the dignity of the Senate. Heck, his actions are usually beneath the dignity of a Nevada brothel!

Reid is trying to contort the firing of a female liberal by a liberal group to push a bill that would impale the free market and imperil our economy. A decent Senator Majority Leader, like any decent person, would stay out of Ms. Abramson’s troubles and not drag her and the liberal cabal into greater ignominy, let alone promote bone-headed legislation guaranteed to further erode our capacity to compete in the world economy.

But a decent Senator Majority Leader we don’t have. Maybe we will come the first Tuesday in November!