No Obama Dynasty? Don’t Bet on It

No Obama Dynasty? Don’t Bet on It

In yet another softball interview with the fawning faux media, President Obama faced off “Live with Kelly & Michael” this morning and issued the n

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In yet another softball interview with the fawning faux media, President Obama faced off “Live with Kelly & Michael” this morning and issued the nation a solemn promise: “One thing I can promise you: Michelle will not run for office.”

While most of us would wish to take great comfort that the Obama clan won’t follow the Bushes and Clintons into dynastic dystopia, don’t break out the champagne just yet.

The key phrase is “one thing I can promise you.” Coming from President Obama, the denial is more likely to be taken as the first announcement in what most feel will be Michelle’s campaign to capture a U.S. Senate seat in Illinois. She already had an optics issue using the First Lady position for political gain, without her disingenuous husband’s proclamation.

Her home state Illinois Senate delegation is composed of one Republican and one Democrat. The Republican, Mark Kirk, is up for re-election in 2016. Having Michelle run while First Lady would be as tasteless, but not unprecedented, as Hillary had no compunction running for the Senate while Bill and she sat in the White House.

If she chooses to wait, her next opportunity won’t come until 2020, when Senator Dick Durbin has to choose whether to remain in the Senate, at age 76, or retire and hand the seat to Mrs. Obama. Either way, Americans will have to remain at the edge of our seats to see whether we are granted the privilege of having a third royal family to whom we can pledge our fealty.

The other two political dynasties leave a lot to be desired, so perhaps we do need a third option – though I doubt sincerely the Obama clan is who we need.

It is truly astonishing that, when faced with the task of choosing the leader of the free world, America’s default setting currently reads “Clinton” or “Bush.” What is wrong with us?

The Bush and Clinton dynasties plague our politics. Calling the three presidents they produced so far ‘mediocre’ is charitable. The failed Bush 41 years brought us Clinton. The failed Bush 43 years brought us Obama. I’m not sure we need any other metrics to judge them, though tax increases, unbounded wasteful spending, feckless leadership and an inability to express oneself in the English language certainly could be added to the pile.

Compared with the Clinton presidency, though, the Bushes were the statesmen of the century. Bill and Hillary’s first two terms in office were nothing short of calamitous.

Acolytes of the most scandalous president in American history arrogate credit to the man from Hope for an economic miracle and world peace. Nothing could be further from the truth.

There is a Secret War happening right now… The target? Your privacy!
Clinton’s foreign policy included an astonishing grant of our missile technology to the Chinese – some say in consideration of campaign cash – rendering our anti-ballistic missile defense useless.

On the home front, Bill Clinton fought and vetoed almost every piece of legislation responsible for the robust economic boom that coincided with his administration. In fact, before the Republicans gained control of the Congress in 1994, Clinton and his fellow Democrats were responsible for a myriad of growth-killing economic measures, including large tax increases and obscene budgetary expansions.

Only after the American people smashed the liberals in the 1994 election did Clinton change course and, eventually, permit the popular and effective Republican economic measures to take hold. The result was a major reform of the welfare system and an economic boom. Of course, Clinton and his gang were quick to try to claim credit, but his sexual dalliances impeded a full assault on the truth while he sat in the Oval Office. That had to wait a few years.

If one just arrived on this planet from Mars, you would think that Bill Clinton was one of the most popular and successful presidents in American history. He is feted at every major political event, and the encomia don’t stop there. Hollywood considers him an American treasure. Wall Street accords him unparalleled respect. International organizations fawn over him. It is truly amazing how history is being rewritten. Why? Several reasons.

First, the liberals never got their Ronald Reagan. Sure, they all pay homage to FDR and Truman, but they hail from the black and white era. In contemporary times, they have nothing. JFK’s Camelot years were very short lived and the guy was embarrassingly hawkish. Plus, he had the bad manners to cut taxes. LBJ and Jimmy Carter proved embarrassing to the Left, as their presidencies lead to landslide victories for Richard Nixon and Reagan.

But Bill Clinton was different. The Left could turn him into an icon. All they needed was a rewrite, as they say in Hollywood. And a rewrite he got, mainly for the second reason: Hillary.

In order to extend the dynasty and elect what in any other society has to be one of the most unelectable, failed politicians in history, they needed to rewrite the Clinton script. Once they sanitized the Billary and expunged all those inconvenient truths, liberals would have their ideal candidate for president and the dynasty would continue. This process is nearly complete.

The Republicans seem to be engaged in the same game. Not a day passes without some serious pundit proclaiming that the Republican future is with the Bushes, notwithstanding the fact that the Bush legacies are replete with missteps and ineptitude. Another Bush is the last thing that Republicans need, but that’s exactly where they are heading.

So, America could be facing the second Bush versus Clinton presidential campaign in less than 25 years. One of those royal families would win, and the rest of us would lose.

In a nation of 300 million people, do we really only have Hillary Clinton or Jeb Bush to lead us, with Michelle Obama on deck? How far we have fallen.