Giving Us the Finger

Giving Us the Finger

In a grotesque display of how low humanity can sink, Palestinian mothers are posting pictures of their progeny in celebration of the kidnapping of thr

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In a grotesque display of how low humanity can sink, Palestinian mothers are posting pictures of their progeny in celebration of the kidnapping of three Israeli children by terrorists. The world hardly noticed.

Stop for a moment and consider this.

Without question, the most favored international cause of the past 50 years has been the absurd attempt to reward Palestinians with a state carved out of the only Jewish state on the earth. For half a century, nary has a month passed without some distressing act of perfidy on the part of the Palestinians. Yet, the international chorus insisting on providing this cabal with yet another base for terrorist activities continued unabated.

My column is not long enough to provide a comprehensive list of murderous and villainous acts by those acting in the name of Palestinian statehood. I don’t think there’s have sufficient space on a massive hard drive to cover half of it. The Palestinian record of the past 50 years is one of murder, mayhem and rapacity. And not merely toward those pesky Jews, whom they have sworn to push into the Mediterranean Sea. The terrorists who call themselves Palestinians have unleashed terror on Western Civilization itself, often with the funding of the very people they hope to destroy.

Can any of us forget the images of Palestinian mothers and children dancing in the streets in joyful commemoration of the 9/11 attacks? If one’s memory is hazy, you need not worry. The same demonic street pageants are being performed in celebration of the kidnapping of three Israeli children, likely by Palestinian Hamas terrorists.

As soon as the children were announced missing, the perverted parents of Palestine were giving their offspring sweets and dancing lessons. How sick does someone have to be to celebrate the disappearance of a child?

Can we even imagine the torrent of condemnation that would arise in the United States – or even North Korea! – if people celebrated the disappearance of children? If three children were kidnapped in America by a local terrorist group, and some of our parents decided to hold street celebrations, could the authorities possibly keep back the pitch fork and torch brigade? No chance.

If any other citizen of the world had the temerity to revel in the kidnapping of a child, their government would likely have them arrested. At a minimum, they would be met with public condemnation and censure.

What’s happening in Ramallah, the capital of the so-called Palestinian entity? Are they admonishing their mothers to keep a lid on the merrymaking? Even for the sake of appearances? I am sure I don’t have to answer that rhetorical question.

There is a Secret War happening right now… The target? Your privacy!
Actually, it gets worse. Not only are the Palestinian mothers giving their next generation of suicide bombers high fives over the abduction of the Israeli children, they have even created a new gang sign to signal their collective joy over this tragedy. The urchins of terror now flash three fingers in the air in jubilation, one finger for each Israeli child victim. They are giving us the proverbial finger.

That we have to inhibit a planet with such evil is bad enough, but inexplicably, the Western world, upon whom these miscreants wish nothing but a painful death, spend billions of dollars and countless hours doing everything they can to deliver statehood to these devils.

These beasts would be the Founding Fathers – Mothers? – of a Palestinian state, should the world force such a calamity on Israel. Does anyone seriously believe that a new Arab state on the west bank of the Jordan River would be anything but a launching pad for terror? America has spent nearly a trillion dollars to prevent terrorists from gaining territoriality in South Asia. Why would we ever consider pushing for – let alone funding – a state far more likely to purvey terror in the Middle East?

The Palestinians themselves have given us a preview of what to expect should the mental disease impelling Western politicos to help them remain unhealed. Thousands of missiles raining down on civilian populations. Hundreds of trained suicide bombers lurching across the Israeli border – and also spilling into the newly liberated Egypt, our other ally in the region. Billions of dollars stolen from ill-conceived foreign aid. This does not include the likelihood of the new Palestine being the staging ground for a myriad of terrorist adventures against America and Europe, as well as that territory becoming the new Pakistan – the choice hideout for international rogues.

Yet, the clarion call for statehood continues.

Palestinian leaders are more corrupt than any African kleptocrat. They steal from their people. They steal from international organizations. They steal from America. The list goes on and on. But, with all their vile behavior, nothing says more about how unworthy this people is than the fact that they celebrate the kidnapping of innocent children.

Nothing sums up better the differences between peoples than how America’s reaction to a child crisis differs from the Palestinians. While they make whoopee over Israeli children in peril, American authorities take a different tack.

As a consequence of our government’s inability to properly seal our borders, thousands of children have been shipped by maleficent parents to enter the United States. These poor children are being used as props by parents and others hoping to gain a foothold in the United States. We have been witnessing the spectacle of young children crammed into US Immigration offices, having traversed hundreds of miles of hostile terrain in Mexico and Central America. These children, at some level, are invaders. They are exacerbating one of our greatest national problems. What is the reaction of America? We are taking care of these children and making sure that they are cared for.

Are our parents in the streets demanding the children be punished or harmed? Of course not. That would be unthinkable. Well, maybe unthinkable before the Palestinian mothers and the three finger salute.