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Are We Trending Yet?

According to the polls, Americans favor root canal surgery over Congress. Cockroaches are more popular than our elected federal legislators. Even the sporting world’s most reviled creature – the replacement referees of the NFL – have more “likes” than the denizens of Capitol Hill. Our national revulsion for Congress is bipartisan. Republicans and Democrats have equal distrust for the legislative… READ MORE

Jack Abramoff on CNN: Congress weakens travel disclosure rules

Former lobbyist Jack Abramoff who describes the kind of access lobbyist’s have to Congressmen through free trips. Watch the video here.… READ MORE

If It Moves, Tax It

Ronald Reagan succinctly summed up the essence of government: “If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it.” He meant it as an insult, not an action plan. Too bad no one told the Maryland legislature. In yet another too frequent example of parody becoming real life, the Philistines of the… READ MORE

A Moment That Passed

The defeat of former House Majority Leader Eric Cantor by a grassroots activist college professor should have presaged a fundamental shift in the Republican Party Congressional leadership. It should have been a wake-up call to establishment Republicans that the unprecedented national animosity toward Congress in particular, and politicians in general, requires a new approach, and new personalities. Cantor’s shocking defeat… READ MORE

Giving Us the Finger

In a grotesque display of how low humanity can sink, Palestinian mothers are posting pictures of their progeny in celebration of the kidnapping of three Israeli children by terrorists. The world hardly noticed. Stop for a moment and consider this. Without question, the most favored international cause of the past 50 years has been the absurd attempt to reward Palestinians… READ MORE

Horrible Harry Does It Again

James Buchanan was an unremarkable president, presiding over a deteriorating union, as the nation was riven with arguments that eventually became a war. In 1867, years after he left the Oval Office, unremarkable Buchanan remarked that the United States Senate was “the greatest deliberative body in the world.” It may have been his most famous statement, and for a while… READ MORE

No Obama Dynasty? Don’t Bet on It

In yet another softball interview with the fawning faux media, President Obama faced off “Live with Kelly & Michael” this morning and issued the nation a solemn promise: “One thing I can promise you: Michelle will not run for office.” While most of us would wish to take great comfort that the Obama clan won’t follow the Bushes and Clintons… READ MORE

Harry Reid Strikes Again

Yippee! Liberals throughout the nation are celebrating today. Their daily national newsletter, otherwise known as The Washington Post, proudly announced this morning that things are looking up for the Democrats’ quest to retain control of the United States Senate in this year’s election. The Post’s sagacious political forecasting model had, until today, predicted an 82% chance that the Republicans would… READ MORE

House Clinton and Benghazi

My fellow conservatives are right to raise the Benghazi disgrace in the face of a predictably hostile reaction from the mainstream media and the chattering politicasters. Simply, it is astonishing that President Obama and his host of incompetent administration myrmidons have been allowed to remain in office without impeachment. Benghazi is, on its own, one of the most pathetic and… READ MORE